In the early seventies Sergio Correa started working for Viña Santa Carolina, a winery where he remained for 19 years occupying different positions in several areas, namely, enology, agriculture, quality control, the enology laboratory and industrial production. In his capacity as technical and production manager, he was part of the team that created the company’s export area. During that time, in addition to his activities in Santa Carolina, he conducted postgraduate studies in France, specializing in enology, viticulture and wine making.  He made a professional stay of almost one year in Venezuela working as quality control manager for Seagram’s International, where he continued learning about distillation of alcohol from sugarcane and grains, preparing bases of different spirits and conducting spirit tasting. In Venezuela he also shared his knowledge with different groups related to wine and spirits consumption.  

He started working as enology consultant in Chile and abroad in 1990. That same year Sergio started advising Universal Food Corporation, the leading enologic yeast producer in the U.S., having the chance to visit a number of countries to introduce their viticulture and wine making products and sharing the company’s experience in Chile. After that he has worked as enology advisor for Viñedos Torreón de Paredes, Viñedos Rosario de Codao, La Playa Vineyards, Santa Ema, Viña Gracia and Viña Porta, Viña Cremaschi-Furlotti, Viña J. Bouchón, Viña Santa Blanca, Fundación Chile and Levaduras La Golondrina, among others.

He subsequently headed the enology area of theTarapacá group for over 15 years, participating in the creation of Viña Mar, Misiones de Rengo, Viña Mar de Casablanca, Casa Rivas in Chile and Tamarí in Argentina. He actively participated in the implementation of the wine cellar, the design and planting of the vineyards, and the introduction of new varieties like Viognier, Pinot Grigio, Mourvedre and Syrah. He was involved in the creation of successful new lines like “Terroir”, Late Harvest and sparkling wines in its Champegnoise and Charmant methods.

He is currently advising wineries in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, in viticulture and wine making subjects. Since 1990 Sergio has participated as official wine taster in the OIV international contests, as well as official wine taster of national panels, has acted as president of the national contest Carmeneres del Maule and has been part of the organizing committee contest Carmenere to the world. In May 2008 the OIV appointed him as official supervisor of the contest Les Citadelles du Vin. This is the first time that a Chilean specialist is named in this position. Sergio has transmitted his passion for wine in his more than one hundred papers published in specialized journals and in the written press, thereby contributing his broad experience in Chilean viticulture and wine making.